Roundabouts – A1079

The Conservative party controlled East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) state that a one mile dual carriageway costing £26million (up from £8 million) remains a “top priority”.

Based on a current 10mph and a post dual carriageway of 70mph, their top priority of £26million will only increase journey time by 60 seconds!

It is not unusual for a Wilberfoss resident attempting to get onto the A1079 to wait 10 minutes to achieve this task.

Wilberfoss Junction (2)Latest crash at a Wilberfoss A1079 junction on Thursday 10 March 2016

As the Pocklington A1079 roundabout cost £1.6million it is reasonable to estimate that roundabouts for Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss would cost £3.2million in total. This is £22.8million less than the current ERYC top priority.

With such a large saving in cost I believe the top priority should be the two roundabouts not a one mile dual carriageway, which the Wiberfoss Parish Council also do not want.

A1079 Dual Carriageway – Scheme Costs

The feasibility stage estimate for the A1079 dualling scheme set out below was used as the basis for an initial funding bid to the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). As a result of this initial bid, the LEP agreed to offer £8m as a contribution towards the total scheme cost.

Feasibility Stage (2)Subsequent topographical and ground investigation surveys identified serious design constraints which resulted in additional costs as reflected in the outline design stage estimate below.

Outline Design Stage (2)

It was then agreed that East Riding of Yorkshire Council utilise £6.3m of LEP funding originally allocated for the dualling scheme to other areas of the East Riding.

This £6.3m would have paid for both the Wilberfoss and Barmby Moor Roundabouts with £3.1m surplus.

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