ERYC 4% Council Tax Increase

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) council tax bills have increased by 4%. This is 20 times the rate of inflation. Yet at first glance most would believe that their council tax bill has increased by 2%, 10 times the rate of inflation, as that is what is stated.

Upon closer inspection you will note that ERYC have added an extra £18.85. My own Council Tax for ERYC has risen from £942.82 to £980.44.

This appears to be the first example of the Conservative Government passing taxation onto the Conservative party controlled ERYC and then ERYC attempting to bury it.

ERYC should clearly state that our council tax charge from them this year has increased by 4%. If the Conservative party controlled ERYC attempt to mislead us so blatantly what else are they misleading us on?ERYC Council Tax Bill 2016-17 (2)

ERYC Council Tax Bill 2015-16 (2)

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