ERYC Attempt To Silence

After the flooding in Pocklington on Boxing Day, over the course of six days, I made a handful of Freedom of Information requests. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) made me vexatious. The manner in which they did this meant the decision would be overturned by the Information Commissioner but first I had to appeal the decision.

ERYC (2)

Yesterday ERYC confirmed that their position remains. I can now take this up with the Information Commissioner. The Conservative party controlled ERYC have used the system to prevent the information I seek getting out for the Pocklington Provincial By-Election on April 7. I believe this to be in breach of the Electoral Process and it is currently in the hands of the Election Officer of ERYC.

In addition, 20 minutes before receiving, the information stated above, I received a “warning letter” from ERYC with regards the enquiries I am making.

Surely this is not a conspiracy?

Information Requested

  • Pocklington Flooding

I requested:

  1. The Risk Assessment for the risk of the potential of flooding in Pocklington.
  2. The “Contingency Plan” in the event of Pocklington flooding. This to include: The “Contingency Plan” itself: the Equality Impact Assessment in relation to the “Contingency Plan” and the Risk Assessment in relation to the “Contingency Plan”.
  • Intercom System

Due to the flooding in York, some of our telephone system in the YO4 area did not work. I was informed that the “intercom system” for some elderly and disabled residents failed as it relies on the telephone system.

I requested the Risk Assessment and the Equality Impact Assessment in relation to the intercom system.

  • West Green Lollypop Lady 

The lady assists children from Pocklington School to go from the main part of the school to other parts of the school. Why should ERYC tax payers finance a public school?

I requested information with regards the hours worked, cost and any income received by ERYC for providing a “Lollypop Lady” service for Pocklington School.

  • Further Information Requested

This will be revealed a few days before the election and relates to how Pocklington Youth Club could and can be financed.

  • ERYC Attempt To Silence

I think we can all see why ERYC do not want this information made public. One way or another it will be!

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