Electioneering – Second Saturday

With only four Saturdays available for electioneering I was keen to meet the voters in Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss again today.

Stamford Bridge

As all my leaflets are already delivered, in addition to passing out posters, I welcomed the opportunity to receive feedback on my election policies and to hear of residents concerns.

Hide and Seek

A question on many residents lips was:

“Where are the other candidates?”. One person even suggested that “Perhaps all three are playing hide and seek with me”.

The reason for the questions is that no one I spoke to has received a leaflet, seen anything on social media or met one of my fellow candidates out electioneering.

I personally believe it to be a waste of tax payers money that the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP appear to have put up paper candidates who have no intention of electioneering. If none of the candidates wanted to be elected they should not stand for the election and thus save tax payers money.

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