Independent Group

The Independent Group is not a political group like other groups in County Hall, in fact it’s the opposite. Its members must NOT be in any political party, and ONLY be there to represent their residents. Coming together as a formal Group helps them to work better as individuals.

As can be seen from the table below, the Conservative Group holds political control at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC), holding a majority of 51 seats out of 67. In 2003 the Conservatives only held 28 of the 57 seats.

Table 2 (2)

If I was to win Pocklington Provincial, this would put the Independent Group in the position of joint official opposition. This would give the Independent Group a strong voice in County Hall. Currently the Labour Group are the official opposition on ERYC with six Councillors.

In 2003 Pocklington Provincial was represented by Independents.

Table 1 (2)

Your vote can change the balance of power at ERYC.

My Team

I am so grateful that the team around me is growing so fast. Local residents are offering to display banners and posters, undertake door knocking, distribute leaflets and circulate news of my campaign on social media.

In addition, I am most interested to hear of not only residents concerns but also their ideas. This is certainly turning into an exciting election in which many are playing a major part.

Thank you.

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