London Street School Crossing

Pocklington Provincial covers eight settlements. In the past few days my team and I have looked into and become aware of numerous unresolved issues in Pocklington itself. I am at a loss why the Conservative Ward Councillors (CWC) and Pocklington Town Council (PTC) have allowed the situation to get to the current state of affairs.

Could it be that those residents who are talking to me have given up talking with CWC and PTC as they don’t listen?

London Street Crossing

Upon learning about the lack of a London Bridge Lollypop Lady I was asked to take a closer look at the dangerous situation facing parents and children going to and from school via the London Street route. What I discovered alarmed me.

London Street

  1. There is no lollypop lady.
  2. The footpath is not dropped at either side.
  3. There is no school crossing lights on Union Street.
  4. Parents and children must cross the road diagonally.
  5. London Street is congested with traffic negotiating a single track road.

London Street - Union Street

The solutions are simple and obvious:

  1. Employ a lollypop lady.
  2. Drop the footpath at both sides.
  3. Ensure a direct straight crossing.
  4. Make London Street one way from Kilnwick Road to Bridge Street.
  5. Make Percy Road one way from New Street to Kilnwick Road.

By making Union Street and Percy Road one way not only would this improve safety but also increase available parking.

If elected on April 7 I will request an immediate meeting with Nigel Leighton, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services to discuss and move forward the current dangerous situation.

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