Honesty and Transparency – Byelaws

I believe honesty and transparency are fundamental to a good council. Unfortunately, my experience of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) demonstrates they are failing in this department. Over the coming days I will share three examples.

Andy ERYC Byelaws

On 20th September 2015 I requested to see all the byelaws that ERYC hold, this being 148. They refused to do this and refused, and still do, to make them available on-line. The photo above shows myself reading all the byelaws in the Customer Service building in Beverley.

At this point I was forced to study the Local Government Act 1972 to see how legislation could assist. The LGA states:

“Section 236(8) of the Local Government Act 1972 permits the Council to charge a sum not exceeding 20 pence for each copy of a byelaw.  The Act also provides that the byelaws are made available for public inspection during reasonable hours without payment.”

In the interests of transparency I happily paid £29.60 for a copy of every byelaw. These are now available for me to pick up.

If elected, I will request ERYC publish the byelaws on-line. If they refuse I will publish them on this site.

If I am not elected, I will publish the byelaws on this site.


Why do ERYC not want residents to have on-line access to byelaws that control their lives?

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