My Fellow Candidates

Today the Pocklington Post published information about each candidate. I am rather surprised that all three only focus on Pocklington as Pocklington Provincial covers eight settlements.

Andy Strangeway – Independent

PP AS 240316 (2) LR

Lucie Spadone – Labour

PP - LP 240316 (2) LR

I have never met Lucie. It is so refreshing to see younger people show an interest in local politics. Lucie is the only one of my fellow candidates that mentions local issues and agreed to take in the West Wolds radio debate.

Neil Tate – UKIP

PP - NT 240316 (2) LR

Neil is a good man and a friend. I can understand why he has not mentioned any local issues as he lives in Bridlington. In my opinion Neil would make a fantastic Independent candidate for Bridlington.

Paul West – Conservative

PP - PW 240316 (2) LR

I hardly know Paul. I am surprised that he has not informed the readers of his policies. In addition,  I am do not understand why he has not mentioned any of the other seven settlements in Pocklington Provincial.

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