Village Door Knocking

This morning I enjoyed a round of door knocking in Barmby Moor, High Catton, Low Catton, Newton Upon Derwent and Sutton Upon Derwent to learn of residents concerns.

High Catton - School Bus

  • High Catton – Parents of young children informed me that their children are not provided with bus transport to the Stamford Bridge schools as the road is “safe” to walk. It turns out that a man from ERYC walked the road about eight years ago and stated the road was safe. He did this with an empty push chair, which, when required, he lifted off the road. Try that with a baby inside, a children holding your hand and on a dark, wet and cold winters evening. To make matters worse a bus goes through High Catton to pick children up from Low Catton. This needs to be looked into.
  • Barmby Moor – Residents all confirmed the desire for a roundabout onto the A1079. This is already identified.
  • Sutton Upon Derwent – There may be issues with parking outside the school.
  • Newton Upon Derwent and Low Catton – No issues were raised.

The door knocking was a useful exercise. I was surprised to learn that the residents I spoke with had never known a prospective Ward Councillor knock on the door before.

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