£750,000 For Youth Club

Like many others I read in local media last December that sport and recreation in the Pocklington area was to receive over £750,000. This included:

  • Pocklington Cricket Club: £150,000 towards the construction of a clubhouse.
  • Pocklington Rugby Club: £150,000 towards the provision of utilities and the construction of a clubhouse, plus the erection of floodlights.
  • Pocklington Football Club: £120,000 towards major improvement works, which includes increasing its changing rooms and social facilities.

Youth Club

Behind The Headlines

“The council requires developers to provide outdoor playing space as part of all new residential developments above a certain size. Outdoor playing space is available for sport, active recreation or children’s play; it must be of a suitable size and nature for its intended purpose; and must be safely accessible and available to the general public.

When a developer cannot provide this within the development itself, a sum of money known as a commuted sum may be paid in lieu of this. The commuted sum must be used for specific purposes and is held by the council until an appropriate project is identified.”

  • How is it possible that a developer cannot provide an outdoor playing space?
  • Is the reason that by paying a “commuted sum” this allowed the developer to build even more houses?

Main Recipients

I am sure all at the Rugby, Cricket and Football clubs are delighted with their cash windfall but:

  • Could the clubs not have “made do” with what they had?
  • What about the girls?
  • What about the none sporty children?
  • Who lost out?

Pocklington Youth Club

I am of the opinion that all of the £750,000 should have gone to Pocklington Youth Club to buy and fit out new premises.

Moving Forward

I am informed that the three Conservative Ward Councillors made the decision to allocate the sums. I doubt anyone at the Rugby, Cricket or Football clubs would have accepted the money if they knew the youngsters of Pocklington missed out.

The one positive side of all the development in Pocklington is that more commuted funds will shortly be available.

If elected, my vote will be for all of the commuted sums in future to go to the Pocklington Youth Club until such time as we have a Youth Club to be proud of.

All that would then be required is to convince one of the other two Ward Councillors to support me.

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