Counting Cars – DfT Facts

In Counting Cars I estimated that there are 1.5 cars per house in Pocklington Provincial. ERYC state there are only 0.7. The table below states:

  • London – 0.78
  • Yorkshire and The Humber (this includes all cities) – 1.13
  • Rural Town – 1.32
  • Rural Village – 1.74

Transport Statistics (2)

This confirms that either ERYC have fabricated the facts or are grossly incompetent. The figure they quoted, and based planning permissions on, is lower than London.

As Pocklington is becoming a commuter town, I believe my estimate of 1.5 is valid. This confirms that ERYC have failed to plan for 1,040 cars.

The difference between the ERYC 0.7 and that of the DfT for Yorkshire and The Humber of 1.13 equates to a difference of 559 cars.

Halt Planning Permission

Until ERYC review their insane 0.7 cars per house all planning permission must be put on hold for Pocklington Provincial.

Email To Andy

From: ANDY

Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 11:03 AM


Subject: Counting Cars – DfT Facts

Dear Andy.

Following on from the forwarded email could I please refer you to

You will note that I share DfT figures.

Could you please confirm why ERYC are using a figure lower than that for London and 0.43 lower than that for Yorkshire and The Humber which includes all cities?

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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