Sutton Upon Derwent – Sewer Flooding

Residents of Sutton upon Dewent, who have repeatedly been victims of sewer flooding, are naturally angry that ERYC has recently granted planning permission for 5 holiday homes, which they fear will add to their misery.

Sutton Upon Derwent

I have read all the relevant planning documents, and see that new land drains are included as part of the application, and that Yorkshire Water consider that this will make everything OK for their sewer to take foul drainage.

If elected, I will work very closely with the ERYC drainage team to ensure that the planning conditions really do protect the people of Sutton upon Derwent from flooding off this land as they say it will.

I know that ERYC have regular dealings with Yorkshire Water over many things, and if elected as your councillor I would have a louder voice in challenging them to tackle the existing sewer problems in this village, and I will not be fobbed off by excuses.  Yorkshire Water are now responding to ERYC complaints by increasing capacity at their treatments works at Saltend, Beverley and near Withernsea. It’s about time they did something in our area too.

If elected on April 7th I will support Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council calls for Yorkshire Water to attend a public meeting to address residents concerns.

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