Public Servant

This morning I woke up at 06.00, after three hours sleep to the realisation that we had won. I cried, laughed and hobbled out of bed. My feet were in such discomfort from yesterday.

The Count Team

I had arrived at the Communty Hall, Pocklington at 06.30 and left at 09.30 to take a three-hour tour of the six outlying Polling Stations. I returned to Pocklington at 12.30 and remained until 22.00. I climbed through the ropes on March 7 to take on my greatest fight to date. The only way I was going to leave before 22.00 was by being carried out. I was there to serve. Unbeknown to me, on March 7, 1,032 folk had climbed through the ropes with me. By 23.30 on April 7 the people had won. My birthday is on February 7.

For a Buddhist to receive such good fortune, to become a public servant for those he started at infant school with, is truly humbling.


  • Spadone – Labour – 490
  • Strangeway – Independent – 1,032
  • Tate – UKIP – 215
  • West – Conservative – 980

Turnout 21.2%

Andy Please

I would be grateful if everyone continues to address me as Andy, this to include all ERYC staff.

I would like to ask ERYC and the Conservative Party to put aside our previous differences so that we can move forward the peoples mandate.

No Shock

Some are saying this was a shock by-election result. It was no shock to the 1,032 folk who voted. We turned a 2,064 Conservative majority into a 52 Tory defeat. Is this 2,116 vote turnover the greatest in the history of ERYC?

How could a 1,032 convoy not be spotted?

Power To The People

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be their humble public servant for the next three years.

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