Council Tax – Full Transparency

Yesterday I received phone calls and emails from residents disgusted that ERYC Councillors have failed to pay their own council tax on time.

County Hall

These were typified by one resident who stated:

“I am a pensioner who budgets my money and arranged to pay my council tax monthly by direct debit.

I think it is disgusting that several ERYC councilors have failed to pay their council tax on time. Further I think it totally wrong that ERYC has not named them. They were elected to represent their constituents and should be scrupulously honest. Failure to do so, even in small ways, should mean their instant dismissal and a bar on standing for any kind of public office ever again.”

Full Transparency

I will request that the ERYC Council Tax department confirm my Council Tax payments are fully up to date. I would expect some of my fellow Ward Councillors will want to do the same.

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