Wilberfoss A1079 Junction – Safety Measure

After a meeting this morning with ERYC officers I am delighted to report that the Wilberfoss A1079 East junction will have hatchings (white diagonal lines) by the end of June. This will reduce the length of the slip road and make the exit safer.

Wilberfoss East Junction

Over recent years there has been four accidents at the East junction and as such the safety measure will be introduced. As the West junction has only had two accidents ERYC will not be undertaking safety measures in the nearer future. There may be an option for safety measures at the West junction, I will discuss this with the Wilberfoss Parish Council at their next meeting.

At this moment in time a roundabout is unlikely as there is not enough demand (vehicles queueing in Wilberfoss) and there is a good safety record. If either of these change the situation could be revisited.

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