Pock Emergency Plan – Top Secret

The most important document in Pocklington is the Emergency Plan. I have now been in office for over a month and a half. For reasons unknown neither my fellow Ward Councillors, any of the Pocklington Town Councillors or indeed the Pocklington Town Council Clerk have sent me a copy of the document.

Pocklington Crest (2)

I sent an email to the Town Clerk on Monday requesting a copy of the Emergency Plan and still I have not received a copy.

A local resident has informed me that the Emergency Plan has been redacted to the point of making it not fit for purpose. Feathers Hotel phone number is redacted!

It is fundamental that all key stake holders have a unredacted copy of the Emergency Plan.

In addition, all local residents must have access to an Emergency Plan that is well suited for its designated role and without unnecessary redactions.

As there are clearly failings in the Pocklington Emergency Plan I have requested the Town Clerk to call an emergency public meeting to ensure Pocklington has an Emergency Plan that is good enough to do the job it was designed to do.

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