Emergency Plans To Be Reviewed

Last Wednesday, after publishing Pock Emergency Plan – Top Secret, I finally received a copy of the plan. Please see Pocklington Town Council Emergency Plan. (THIS HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO POCKLINGTON TOWN COUNCIL FAILING TO REDACT ADEQUATELY) Residents will not need me to inform them why the plan is so flawed.


There are 168 Parish/Town Councils in ERYC. As the Humber Emergency Planning Service (HEPS) provide templates to these councils I have requested that a review is carried out. The HEPS will now:

“be doing some work on the templates over the next few months”

I  believe that there has clearly been failings by the HEPS. I also believe these failings have led to flooding in Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge. In addition, I believe the consequences of flooding in Pocklington could have been lessened.

I have requested a timescale for the review. Until the review has been carried out and implemented it would appear that every Parish/Town Council in the East Riding have Emergency Plans that are not fit for purpose.

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