High Catton To Stamford Bridge Road

Residents have wanted a footpath on the High Catton to Stamford Bridge road for many years. In the High Catton Crossroads to Stamford Bridge Primary School Walked Route Assessment ERYC  have stated that the road is NOT HAZARDOUS. Unfortunately the conclusion states:

“Under Road Safety GB guidelines the walked route between Cleaving Grange Farm Londesborough, and Londesborough village is  NOT HAZARDOUS“.

This is the wrong route! As such I requested that officers undertake a new assessment as the previous one was fundamentally flawed. Earlier this week the first re-assessment was undertaken.

High Catton - School Bus

Currently young school children from 4 to 11, living in High Catton, are not permitted school transport as they live within 3 miles and the road is “non hazardous”.  The original assessment mentions 3 times:

“…the possible need to take alternative routes”

There are no non hazardous routes which cover less than 3 miles.

In addition, a site visit must take place during the period before and after school times not at 10.00. Site visits must be done with a baby in a push chair and a child holding the assessors hand.

The road from High Catton to Stamford Bridge was discussed at last nights Catton Parish Council meeting.

As an authority I believe ERYC must mitigate the risk to road users at peak times, in dark, settled water, ice, snow and when road works take place. In addition, it was mentioned last night that the grass is rarely cut. This affects the sight lines and also step offs. This must also be mitigated.

Unless ERYC can mitigate these risks I believe they are exposed to legal action in the event of an accident. I believe accident investigators and pro bono lawyers would make the situation impossible for ERYC to defend.

I am aware that a reduction of the 60mph speed limit has been considered before but I believe this needs to be considered in the light of the concerns I have raised and the risk to the authority. I believe a speed limit of 40mph should be introduced. I believe this would receive the support of both Parish Councils.


  • Provide school transport for the young children
  • Build a footpath
  • Reduce the speed limit to 40mph
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