Stamford Bridge Pump – Looking Positve

At the Stamford Bridge Flooding Meeting I was surprised how it was accepted that Stamford Bridge would not receive a permanent pump. I suggested to the ERYC Officer that this is merely about finance and taking responsibility. Upon this suggestion the officer went away to attempt to move things forward.

Stamford Bridge Mobile Pump

Great News

This morning ERYC informed me that:

“We are still assessing  the feasibility and potential funding sources. To date we have:

  • Received preliminary design and estimates from a contractor for two options
  • Submitted Engineers report, including options appraisal, recommendation and funding bid to the Councils Asset Strategy Team
  • Written to and discussed the proposed location of the pumping station with the brewery. They have not expressed any concerns to the pumps being sited in the pub car park, however, they would like to discuss in more detail.
  • I am not sure if you are aware, but the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have made available a grant for properties and businesses which were affected by flooding this winter. The grant is for £5k per flooded property, which should be managed by Local Authorities to provide flood protection or resilience to the affected properties. We have contacted the business owners in Stamford Bridge and recommended  that the grant should be used as a contribution towards the cost of the pumps, and to date we have not received any objections. DCLG have agreed with this approach, but have advised that we need written agreement from the business owners that the grant should be used in this way, rather than us assuming if they do not object then they agree. My next action, therefore, is to ask the business owners for written agreement.”
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