Pocklington Town Council – Truth Exposed

At the Pocklington Town Council meeting on Wednesday I addressed the full Town Council, Pocklington residents and representatives of the media. An investigative journalist, who was in attendance, informed me that:

“I have never encountered such an out-of-date, ignorant and foolhardy Council”

Pock Town Council

The following is my submission to PTC.


  1. PTC regularly do not respond to residents.
  2. PTC have failed to respond to my complaint regards the unlawful and dangerous parking of their tractor.
  3. PTC failed to respond to my request for a donation to the community initiative for a litter bin on West Green Drive.
  4. PTC failed to ensure West Green was safe for residents in recent weeks.
  5. Pocklington Cemetery is in a disgraceful state, in breach of PTC statutory duty.


  1. PTC have made a statement to the media, West Wolds radio, that they hate me.
  2. When I raised this Councillors Cooper, Shepherd, Hutchinson and Spademan laughed. I believe this to be a breach of the Councillors Code of Conduct.
  3. PTC have engaged in mobbing me.
  4. PTC have failed to produce an adequate Emergency Plan. The plan should have lessened the consequences of the Boxing Day flooding.
  5. PTC breached the Data Protection Act by failing to redact confidential information from the Emergency Plan.
  6. PTC have failed, for two months, to update their records following my election with my contact details. When I raised this with Richard Wood he put the phone down on me.


I fully endorse the comment made about PTC by the investigative journalist. PTC have focused on events instead of their statutory duties and fundamental legislation.

Moving Forward

I welcome the appointment of Gordon Scaife, the new PTC clerk. Gordon is a highly respected man who previously worked at ERYC.

As PTC have allowed themselves to get into such a mess I do not believe they are capable of getting out of it. I believe the correct course of action is for the full town council to resign. This will allow residents to elect new town councillors who can assist Gordon to sort out the shameful situation he has inherited.

Gordon can count on my full support.

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