Wilberfoss Non Return Valves

A month ago I made enquiries with ERYC about the possibility of installing non return valves on the gully outlets into Foss Beck at Wilberfoss. Prolonged flood cuts off domestic vehicle access to over 150 properties.

Wilberfoss Foss Beck

ERYC have carried out a preliminary assessment, and it would be feasible. There are, however, a number of outfalls into the beck from Yorkshire Water surface water sewers, so in order for it to be effective, then Yorkshire Water would need to do the same.

ERYC will submit a request to Yorkshire Water, and make a recommendation in the Section 19 flood investigation report, to consider the feasibility of non return valves on all outfalls.

NB: The Section 19 Report with this recommendation has not been published yet, it is currently going through the approval process.

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