Formal Complaint Against Councillor Parnaby

Today I have registered a formal complaint against Councillor Stephen Parnaby, the Conservative Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Councillor Parnaby

My Complaint

  • You must treat others with respect. – Non-Conservative members were not treated with respect as the Yorkshire Post informed the public at 14.13 on Wednesday 22 June that Councillor Peacock had been expelled from the Conservative Group. At the same time Councillor Parnaby was updating the members but failed to mention that Councillor Peacock had been expelled from the Conservative Group. Members should not read such information from the media. Councillor Parnaby has been disrespectful (lack of courtesy) to non-Conservative members.
  • You must not conduct yourself in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as bringing your office or authority into disrepute. Disrepute – “the state of being held in low esteem by the public”. Non-Conservative members received notice of the suspension but not notice of the expulsion from the Conservative group and the consequent change to political proportionality of the Council. This has brought the authority and Councillor Parnaby’s office into disrepute. Residents in my Ward are appalled that I had to find out about Councillor Peacock being expelled from the Conservative Group via the media. Councillor Parnaby’s conduct towards non-Conservative members is most unreasonable.
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