ERYC Conservative Dominos

The ERYC Conservatives are experiencing a domino effect as they continue to lose seats.

The Count Team

Tory ERYC Seats

  • 51 – 6 April
  • 50 – 7 April – The Conservatives lose the Pocklington Provincial by-election in the biggest turnover in the history of ERYC.
  • 49 – 22 June – Councillor Dominic Peacock is expelled
  • 48 – 23 June – Councillor Arthur Hodgson, South East Holderness, resigns.

I am aware of 4 Ward members from the Conservative party who are considering leaving their party and becoming Independent.

On April 6 the Tories had 51 of the 67 ERYC seats. They now have 48. When/if the 4 defections take place they will be down to 44. The Conservatives are clearly experiencing the domino effect. Are we witnessing the Tories losing control of ERYC?

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