Please Ask – ERYC Do Listen

Up to April 7 I had very little time for ERYC officers. How wrong I was. ERYC officers do listen. The residents need to ask. But with 14,000 officers, speaking to the correct officer is fundamental. As a Ward member it is my duty to facilitate this wherever possible.

SB Street Light

Less than three months down the line I cannot praise ERYC officers enough. The story behind the photo above highlights how working together makes a difference.

ERYC planned to replace street lighting in Stamford Bridge. One couple were concerned that one of the lights would be straight outside one of their windows.

The residents contacted me. Discussion took place and the lamp was moved by a few feet. The residents are happy and the lamp still lights that which it needs to light. In addition, ERYC have demonstrated they do listen and, whenever possible, act.

J and G – Thank you for your assistance with this.

Please ask for assistance. I am here to serve.


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  • Mobile Number: 07826 439101
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