Tories Running Scared To Police

This morning I received a phone call from Humberside Police who wanted to issue me a Harassment Warning Notice with regards alleged harassment (without evidence) of a Conservative ERYC Ward Councillor. They want to meet me somewhere to issue said notice.

HP_photoon_02 (2)

I find it disgraceful that Humberside Police have time to harass a law-abiding citizen at the same time they do not have time to man Pocklington Police Station.

Notice To Humberside Police

“On advice, I have determined not to engage with the Humberside Police on this matter. I will not be available for interview and under no circumstances will I sign any document in connection with this absurd allegation of harassment in respect of satirical photoons. I reserve the right to engage in civil legal action against the Councillor involved and against the authorities should that prove necessary.”

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