Truth Will Prevail

On this weeks Pocklington Post Article “Police called in over “photoons” certain comments have appeared. Please see Pocklington Post Comments – Photoon One states:

“Why this Newspaper is supporting this man in his continued harassment of individuals and abusive actions. Maybe they need to investigate his background , he has had several police visits in the past – not all relating to Councillors.”

As I had have no police visits in the past I have reported this to the Police and Pocklington Post.

ERYC Conservative Investigation

What is the reason for this attack on my good character?

Could it be:

  1. That certain ERYC councillors are concerned what my investigation will reveal, so they are attempting to discredit me?
  2. Could it be that I circulated the petition calling for the disgraced ERYC councillor Dominic Peacock to resign?
  3. Or could it be that the Councillor who reported me for having a sense of humour now realises that her identity is almost revealed upon publishing Clue To Dreary Tory Councillor?

Make no mistake I stand without fear or favour and TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

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