Dominic Peacock Still On Board

Taking a look at the ERYC Tory Memory Aid it can be noted that a DEP and AH are listed on the board.

AH and DEP

DEP is none other than the disgraced Councillor Dominic Edward Peacock who was very publicly expelled from the Tory Group on 22nd June.  Yet according to the gossip within the hostelries of Beverley, the Tory Councillors of the town are complaining that their colleague should never have been evicted.

Could it be that a certain photoon was rather near the truth?

Photoon 2

AH is Arthur Hodgson, whose resignation caused the by-election in Holderness on 4th August.

Are the Tories losing that many councillors that they feel the need to advertise those who have resigned or have been expelled?

It is starting to look like desperate times for ERYC Conservatives especially give the fact that contents of certain folders are still to be revealed.

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