ERYC Disgrace

In recent weeks I have learnt that numerous elderly and disabled folk have tripped on raised and loose flag stones outside the Pavement Fish & Chips shop. It is my information that every time ERYC have defend every case and still not done what is required – TO TARMAC THE FOOTPATH.

ERYC Disgrace

With a background in campaigning I am aware that it is easy for ERYC to defend their position. Put simply, the victims must prove their case. This is impossible.

Time To End The Disgrace

I take no pleasure from stating that I believe the conduct of ERYC is a disgrace. But when the health of the elderly and disabled is put at risk I must speak out.

The money spent defending their position could have repaired the footpath many times over.

I have requested that:

  • All information in relation to accidents of residents falling outside of the fish shop.
  • That the footpath is tarmacked to prevent more accidents.
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