ERYC Cons – Notice Given

As an elected member of the ERYC my duties are two-fold:

  1. To represent the residents and
  2. To hold the Cons to account.

Leader of the Council

In the light of the exposure of the North Yorkshire Police disgraceful waste of £1million of tax payers money on a harassment allegation which they lost in Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday I give the following notice to the ERYC Cons.

As per my elected duty I will expose:

  1. The ERYC Con Councillor who accused me of harassment when all I had done was undertake my elected duty.
  2. Information from behind closed doors.
  3. The Cons “business dealings”.
  4. Those who fall asleep in full council while supposedly representing their residents.
  5. The bigotry of the Cons in Full Council.

Expect further Con resignations and ultimately …..


Email To ERYC Cons

From: ANDY

Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2016 6:01 AM


Subject: ERYC Cons – Notice Given

Good Morning

In the interest of transparency could I please refer you to


Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

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