Councillor Dee Sharpe – Council Tax Summons

For the past five years only one ERYC Councillor has failed to pay their Council Tax on time, Councillor Dee Sharpe. For four years in a row she was served with a summons for none payment of Council Tax. This wasted ERYC resources.

The information has been revealed following a Freedom of Information request by my good friend Nigel Ward.

Dee doesn't like Council Tax (2)

Independent Full Transparency – Con Cover Up

I confirmed my Council Tax records to be in order over two months ago. But not one of the six Cons based in the Pocklington area made theirs public. The reason is now obvious.

On 6th July I received a phone call from Humberside Police for alleged harassment of Councillor Dee Sharpe. On 3rd July I had posted the photoon below.

Photoon 11

I posted the photoon in full knowledge of the Council Tax affairs of Councillor Dee Sharpe. This knowledge would have been known to all the six Cons in the Pocklington area.

A Con cover up anyone?

Once again, Truth Prevails.

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