ERYC Cons – Time To Confess

I believe the time has now come for those ERYC Cons with “skeletons in closets” to start making public confessions.

Cons Logo

I have information about numerous ERYC Cons. This includes:

  1. County Court Judgements
  2. Questionable business deals
  3. Frequenting of prostitutes
  4. Supporting the disgraced Councillor Dominic Peacock
  5. Misleading their own Con association
  6. etc

Public Invite To ERYC Cons

As public servants, I invite all ERYC Cons who have “skeletons in closets” to make public confessions before I do. Please feel free to email me. You could be next!

Whistle Blowing

I invite members of the public and ERYC Cons to whistle blow on any ERYC Con. Documents are most welcome.



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