Councillor Dee Sharpe – Con Trolls

I read with amusement the comments on the Pocklington Post article Yorkshire Councillor failed to pay council tax for four years (please see below)

Pocl Post Comments (2)

If either maes or Jessiesbarmyarmy would like to engage in a public debate with me they are most welcome.

One Week Grace

Last Thursday I made the decision to give Dee Sharpe a weeks grace to consider the revelations to date. This will now cease due to the actions of maes  and Jessiesbarmyarmy.

What I have exposed to date accounts for less than 5% of what there is to reveal.

Summoned To Willerby

I learn with interest that Dee Sharpe was summoned to Willerby, the Ward she represents, the other day.

Please Note

My public exposure of Dee Sharpe concerns only her actions in her capacity as an elected member.

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