Probity In Public Office

It was good to see a healthy debate on my Facebook page yesterday in relation to “I Welcome The Travelling Community“. An essential part of probity in public office is to share information with residents. In my opinion not to do so is dishonest. As the only Independent in the area this is even more important if I am aware that the Cons have chosen not to make such information public.

County Hall


Make no mistake Pocklington is going to keep growing. At this moment in time there is nothing we can do about this.

Planning is policy from the Con National Government. If you do not want Pocklington to grow do not vote Con or anyone else who would have similar policies at the next election.

Transit Traveller Sites

ERYC have an urgent need to provide traveller transit sites. The question is not if, it is where. Of course I am aware many residents would prefer not to look out of their bedroom windows and see a Traveller site.

As a public servant, in such a situation, I believe all councillors must accept in their backyard what others do not want.

Personallly, I have no issue living next to a Traveller site. Nor do I have any issue living next to a Top Security prison.

The Police have the powers to move Travellers on from unauthorised sites very quickly, providing there is a site for them to be moved onto. There are currently no transit ERYC sites for the Police to do this. An unauthorised site could be set up anywhere, at any time.

Cons Silence

In Western East Yorkshire there are 12 ERYC Ward Councillors.

Why are the 11 Con Councillors not informing residents of the truth about planning and transit Traveller sites?

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