Martin Cooper Referred To Monitoring Officer

Pocklington Town council Councillor Martin Cooper has been referred to the monitoring officer for investigation for disgraceful conduct to a gentleman with Parkinson’s.

Photoon 21

This is in relation to a public discussion on Facebook when Councillor Cooper stated:

  • Got to say XXXX you provided me and my friends with some fun last night so thanks for that.
  • as you clearly do not have the balls to do
  • get off your critical backside
  • as i said time to get off you bum

I believe this to be unacceptable language for a Councillor to use when communicating with a resident.

To say this to XXXX is even worse. XXXX has had Parkinson’s for 20 years, is disabled, has had heart attacks and regularly falls over due to his Parkinson’s.

The investigation will take a few months to complete.

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