Lucie Spadone – Smearing

Earlier this week Lucie Spadone, the Labour candidate in the April Pocklington Provincial by-election, stated about me, publicly on a local social media group:

“He won based on his friends voting for him and smearing the other candidates (myself included)”

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This is false. The truth is, on numerous occasions, I made offers to both Lucie and her mother to assist Lucie. Ironically, it is Lucie who smeared me by her very statement.

Over the past few months I have turned a blind eye to a small group of people falsely attacking my good character. As a result of the statement by Lucie, I decided turning a blind eye was not going to address the attacks and so publish Legal Redress.

I sent Lucie an email explaining the situation and invited her response within 48 hours. Unfortunately Lucie has declined this offer.

Legal Redress or Publish

The legal route is open to me. This would result in a legal bill which I could claim against Lucie. As Lucie is shortly to start University and as this cost may fall on her parents I have chosen to publish.

Further Information

To read the statement by Lucie and my email to her please read Spadone – Strangeway Email

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