Yapham Road Development – Cons Shame

At the planning meeting on Thursday the application for the 325 dwellings on Yapham Road was discussed. If I did not witness it myself I would not have believed what the local Con Councillors voted for.

Mike StathersCon Councillor Mike Stathers

Football Pitch

The football pitch will no longer be part of the development. Instead a Commuted Sum (some call it compensation, I call it a bribe) will be paid. This will then be used to support established, organised, sport in the town.

These sports are male dominated and for sporty children. Where do the none sporty children play? Where do the girls play!

This was proposed by Con Councillor Mike Stathers, who represents Wolds Weighton, which includes Yapham Mill.

Cycle Path

I proposed (as a speaker) that, under a Section 106 (this is compensation, a tax, to balance the negative effect a development has), a cycle path is paid for by the developer from Sherbuttgate to Yapham Mill crossroads.

This was not even discussed by the Planning Committee. Con Councillor Kay West, who is one of the three Ward Councillors for Pocklington Provincial, and sits on the Planning Committee, made no attempt to support the proposal.

Kay West - Low ResCon Councillor Kay West

Who Do The Cons Represent?

The Cons clearly failed to represent the residents.

Why did they represent the developer instead of the residents?

They failed to “tax” the developer to provide the cycle path. They stole the children’s playtime by removing the football pitch. By not including the football pitch the developer will be able to include an extra 60 dwellings.

Where Do The Children Play?

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