Saving Pocklington Evening Bus

Having worked with Rosti, Stamford Bridge PC and ERYC officers to save the Stamford Bridge night bus I now turn my attention to do the same for the Pocklington bus.

Bus Station

I am in no doubt that over the coming years we will see the Government devolve more from National to Regional and Regional (ERYC) to Local (Town/Parish Councils). With this, tax will also be devolved.

Total Cost

The cost would be from 1 April 2017 and payable annually.

The services in question are the 46 and 45A which depart York at 2110 and 2305. The estimated subside for each service is £9,000*. There are 5,817 properties in Pocklington, Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss.

To save both services would cost £18,000* or £3.09 per property with no ERYC assistance.

If ERYC agree to a third support, like they did for the Stamford Bridge bus, it would cost £2.07 per property to save both services.

Pocklington Project Fund

If Pocklington Town Council agreed to allocate that which is currently the “Project Fund” to subsidise the night buses the payment for Pocklington residents would be reduced or possibly nothing at all.

With the Project Fund reallocated it would cost £1 per property to save both service.

If ERYC agreed to a third support it would not cost Pocklington residents anything extra on their current Council Tax precept if the Project Fund was reallocated.

Moving Forward

I will contact Pocklington TC, Barmby Moor PC and Wilberfoss PC. I will request that each council agrees to the suggestion in principle.

Subject to receiving agreement in principle from all three councils I will then ask ERYC officers to move the proposal forward.

If like Stamford Bridge, this will require a public vote for local residents to agree the proposals.

*The figure is an estimate based on ERYC figures of £27,000 for three subsided services.

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