Cons Debate Invitation

I find it rather amusing how the Cons, in their various disguises, hide behind a key board but are still to agree to have a public debate with me.

Cons Logo

My Invitations

  1. My invitation to ERYC Con Councillor Mike Stathers and other ERYC Cons fell on deaf ears.
  2. My invitation to Con Pocklington Provincial by-election candidate Paul West fell on deaf ears.
  3. My invitation to Pocklington Town Council fell on deaf ears .
  4. My invitation to Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council fell on deaf ears.

Cons 30 Strangeway 1

There are 67 ERYC Ward Councillors. Of these 50 are Cons and 17 are “others”.

In North West East Riding. which includes Stamford Bridge, Burton Fleming, Driffield, Beverley, South Cave, Howden, Market Weighton and Pocklington, 30 are Cons and one Independent, Andy Strangeway.

Public Invite

Why do the Cons, in their various disguises, avoid holding a public debate with me?

After all they out number me 30 to 1.

All the above invites remain open.

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