Pock Town Council – Time To Engage, Listen and Represent

Over the past week I have witnessed and heard of various examples of how Pocklington Town Council (PTC) are operating in a bubble.

Example 1 – Arts Centre

I am informed that PTC have entered into legal action regards an issue with the Arts Centre. This could prove very costly for Pocklington residents. I offered mediation to PTC to avoid this course of action but they declined this. Those they are taking the legal action against agreed to it.

Arts Centre JJ

Example 2 – West Green

An approach was made to PTC to use West Green for next years “It’s a Pockout” just in case this years location is not available.

West Green is for the residents of Pocklington and “It’s a Pockout” is a free event for the residents of Pocklington. Despite this, PTC have stated they would charge £100 per day for the use of West Green. This would include set up and take down days.

Why are PTC restricting the use of West Green?

Skate Park

Example 3 – Late Night Shopping – West Wolds Radio

PTC have agreed to have Minister FM at this years Late Night Shopping. This is a clear stab in the back for Pocklingtons own community radio station, West Wolds Radio. West Wolds did a great job with last years event,

NB: Four councillors did not vote for this.

West Wolds

Example 4 – Taking Businesses For Granted

This is an issue I hear about on a regular basis. I am informed that unless the attitude of PTC to local businesses change they will lose the current goodwill they receive from them.


I have highlighted the issues in as much detail as is appropriate. I politely suggest that PTC consider what I am saying for the benefit of the town.

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