Pocklington Double Yellows Unenforceable

A couple of weeks ago I was asked for assistance from a resident in relation to a ERYC perceived parking issue on Denison Road. While undertaking a site visit my attention was drawn to the double yellow lines which I believed to be unenforceable.


Yesterday ERYC confirmed my suspicions when they confirmed:

“On Denison Road there is no Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in place, e.g. single or double yellow lines, on which the Council’s Civil Parking Enforcement Team can enforce.”

In English – It is illegal for a traffic warden to issue a parking ticket if a vehicle is parked on the double yellow lines. Residents can park on the double yellow lines.

Unacceptable Action

ERYC have used tax payers money to paint double yellow lines that are unenforceable. They have misled residents into believing they cannot park. This is unacceptable.

Email To Chief Executive

As this issue goes across two departments I have requested that Nigel Pearson, ERYC Chief Executive informs me:

  1. Who actioned the work?
  2. If there any other unenforceable double yellow lines in the Pocklington Provincial Ward?
  3. When the double yellow lines will be removed?

In addition, I have requested all the paperwork in relation to the double yellow lines.

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