London Street Crossing – Short Term Plans

I am pleased to announce that St Mary & St Joseph RC Primary School and ERYC may have an interim school crossing patrol officer on the London Street crossing from Monday morning. A meeting was arranged yesterday morning to facilitate this. Unfortunately I am unaware of the outcome.

London Street

Well Done

Following the sad news of a young girl being clipped by a car on Friday morning on the crossing, I would like to thank St Mary & St Joseph RC Primary School and ERYC for working with me to make the crossing safe in the short-term.

Moving Forward

ERYC are considering applications for the permanent role of school crossing patrol officer for London Street.

In addition, I expect the school crossing to be in place in the next financial year.

Past Failings

Both Pocklington Town Council and ERYC Con Councillors have failed to adequately raise the need for a crossing for years. I do not understand why they failed to do this.

I would politely suggest that in future they represent the residents instead of conducting their unhelpful politics.

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