Victory For Democracy – Election Candidates

Yesterday the six candidates who are to stand in the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) election were announced.


Victory For Democracy

Since 2003 only one person has been voted onto the PTC. All the others were either elected unopposed or co-opted by those already on. I have been told by many talented Pocklington people that they want nothing to do with many of those currently on the PTC.

Certain PTC Councillors attacked those residents who exercised their democratic right to call an election claiming that no one would stand. They are wrong, six are doing so.

Democracy has spoken.

Pocklington Provincial Ward Parish/Town Councils.

The six Parish Councils (PC) in the Ward are a credit to themselves. I believe every councillor on each PC to be wonderful public servant.

Whereas on the PTC, of the remaining eleven I believe only three are. Ego, secrecy and incompetence appear to be the order of the day.

The Candidates

Of the six candidates I am of the opinion that four will be great public servants. Of course only two will be elected this time but the other two can stand at the next election.

In essence, Pocklington now has the very real possibility that seven of the thirteen councillors will be true public servants.

Candidates Invite

I would like to invite all six candidates to submit as much text as they would like and a recent photo for publication on this site before 16.00 on Friday 21 October.

Could I please request that those who know any of the candidates inform them of this offer?



Mobile Number: 07826 439101

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