IPTC5 – Failure To Set Precept

All Town/Parish Councils have statutory duties laid down in the Local Government Act 1972 to set an annual precept. In English, this is the part on your Council Tax for your Parish/Town Council.


The council must work out all expected expenses for the year ahead to agree the precept. Pocklington Town Council (PTC) failed to account for up to £6,000 for the up coming election. This money, and any further elections in this financial year, will now be met from reserves due to PTC Councillors failure to fulfil this most fundamental of duties.

Forget Democracy Lets Co-opt

PTC Councillors are now complaining that residents want the right to exercise their democratic right to vote.

They want to co-opt as they have done, apart from once, since 2003. None of those on the current council received a single vote at the last election to represent the residents.

If PTC Councillors do not want democracy I suggest they move to Zimbabwe, Burma, North Korea or Syria.

Let MPs Choose MPs

Perhaps PTC Councillors are correct and we should not have elections for MPs either.

Instead, if a by-election for an MP is called, current MPs should choose one of their friends to represent the public!

Anyone for a dictatorship?

This is what current PTC Councillors want. Why is this?

Moving Forward

PTC must add the cost of elections to next years precept because it is likely that any increase in precepts will soon be capped at 2%.

The precept needs to raise by 5% to cover elections.

PTC are currently on course for “bankruptcy”.

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