Wilberfoss Flooding Solution

Subject to feasibility, consents and approvals, ERYC have programmed the installation of non return valves on the Foss Beck, Wilberfoss to be completed this financial year.

Well done ERYC.

Wilberfoss Foss Beck

An ERYC officer stated:

“We have allocated some funding. for the installation of  non return valves  on the gully outlets into Foss Beck. This is on the section on the east side of the Beck between Stone Bridge and the Butchers Bridge and there are seven gullies in total.

We are currently at investigation and design stage, and exploring the feasibility and effectiveness of different types of valve for this situation. We also need to check the condition of the existing pipes prior to carrying out any physical works, which we will do when we next have our framework jetting and CCTV survey contractor in the area

Subject to feasibility, consents and approvals, we have programmed the works to be completed this financial year.

Yorkshire Water have a larger diameter surface water system which discharges into the Beck in the same area. We have asked them to consider installing a non return valve to their outlet structure in order to support our works.”

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