Persimmon – Wilberfoss Development

I am starting to hear of concerns in relation to the Persimmon Development in Wilberfoss.


Non Communication

To date, despite the best efforts of both myself and Wilberfoss Parish Council, Persimmon have not only declined to meet to discuss the concerns but have now ceased to communicate. The situation has been ongoing since May.

Concerns/Questions Raised With Me

  • The action of the pile driving resulted in most properties bordering the site being subjected to severe vibration, to the extent that some properties are showing structural damage in the form of cracks in brickwork, plaster and roof tiles.  Residents would like to know what measures are in place to remedy these occurrences and in particular what indemnity is offered to offset any future damage that may manifest itself – for instance to property foundations, to the highways and footways and to the utility services (such as drains) buried beneath the surface.
  • Prior to the development taking place, Persimmon were advised about the wet conditions and presence of an underground water source on the site.  It was stated that a survey by Yorkshire Water would be carried out and construction would only take place if this survey was satisfactory.  It appears that there has been a major misunderstanding in terms of what water was found and  continues to remain on site which has resulted in the need for a permanent Pumping Station being sited on what was designated as PUBLIC OPEN SPACE.  Has planning permission been sought in order to accommodate this change?
  • How will the drainage scheme work?  Who is going to have ongoing responsibility for its maintenance?  In the event of future flooding issues, who will be responsible for damage to properties, etc?
  • There is a continuing total disregard for the specified working hours set out in the Planning Permission granted by ERYC.  Construction traffic and delivery vehicles are regularly arriving on site before 8.00 am and sometimes even before 7.00 am.  We would like an assurance that times will be strictly adhered to in the future.  We understand the Enforcement Office has been on site on a number of occasions in this regard.
  • Prior to construction an in-depth Archaeological Survey was due to be carried out to include trial trenching in nine separate locations using mechanical and then hand excavation methods.  Residents would like to know how to gain access to the report detailing the findings of this work.
  • Residents would like to know what measures are in place to screen the new development from the existing properties.  They would also like an assurance that the hedge that was inadvertently removed from the site will be replaced.  This was removed contrary to the terms of the contract which called for the preservation of existing hedgerows.
  • Will the pumping station be adopted by Yorkshire Water?  If not will the buyers be made aware of their requirement to form a legal agreement between themselves to put a structure in place for a sinking fund to cover the cost of running and maintaining the pumping station and associated pipework?
  • Is another area on site going to be designated as public open space?
  • The raised elevation of ground levels on the construction site, together with the deep set concrete and hard core must have an impact on the disbursement of water on the site.  What plans do Persimmon have in place to address any issues relating to future flooding?
  • We would like Persimmon Homes to resurface a 10 foot length of highway at the entrance to the village where continual use of the road to gain access to the site has resulted in a number of deep set potholes.

Meeting Requested

I have requested senior ERYC officers to organise a meeting on either Thursday or Friday this week with ERYC, Persimmon, myself and a representative of Wilberfoss Parish Council.

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