IPTC7 – Inaction Will Lose Bus Service

In September I asked Barmby Moor Parish Council, Wilberfoss Parish Council and Pocklington Town Council (PTC) to agree in principle to my proposal to save two of the night buses for Pocklington. These two buses are the only night buses for Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss.

Bus Station

The agreement is required so that I can request ERYC officers to look further into the proposal.

Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss put this on their Agenda for September and agreed in principle. This will not cost either Parish Council a penny.

The PTC Clerk, despite my best efforts, has failed to put this on the Agenda for both September and October. I raised this failure at the October meeting and none of the Councillors could see an issue.

The issue is that without this agreement in principle, which will not cost PTC a penny, I am in no doubt that:

  1. Pocklington will lose two of the four night buses.
  2. Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss will lose both its night buses.

This will happen in April 2017.


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