Election Manifesto – Cath Gledhill and Andy Strangeway

Cath Gledhill and myself have agreed a joint manifesto for the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) election.

Andy and Cath

We Stand For

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Opportunity for all
  4. Empowering residents

We Believe

  • There should be a Saturday Children’s Cinema Club at the Arts Centre. This to be free or for a nominal fee.
  • PTC Facebook page should be available for unrestricted lawful use by all residents.
  • PTC should not exclude residents from a meeting just because legislation permits it.
  • Bank statements should be made publicly available at all PTC meetings and on the website.
  • In the interests of democracy elections should be encouraged by PTC.
  • PTC should record all their meetings and publish on their website.

Working Together

Cath and Andy have worked together for over six months on various projects. This has included the London Street crossing which is now six months down the line.

We have had roads repaired, over grown grass cut including the Pocklington Cemetery, identified over 40 extra parking spaces for Pocklington, exposed unlawful double yellow lines, secured new car parking for Scaife Garth, and helped many local businesses and residents.

In addition, as we believe in democracy, we have made it possible for residents to vote in this election.

Current Town Council Failings

As an ERYC Ward Councillor 90% of Andy’s work is for Pocklington yet only 50% of the population of the Ward is in Pocklington. Unlike the six Parish Councils PTC are failing in their fundamental duty of raising issues with ERYC.

The Pocklington Town Council Clerk does not respond to my emails as a Ward Councillor.

Pocklington currently has a Ward Councillor doing Town Council work due to the failure of the PTC Councillors.

These failures include not reporting simple things such as pot holes, grass cutting, damaged signs and assisting residents.

Ask Your Councillor

Pocklington Town Council has thirteen councillors can anyone name them? Does anyone know what they look like? Have any helped you?

Ask The Other Candidates

You don’t need to be a Town Councillor to help people.

What have the other four candidates done for Pocklington and you over the past six months? Have you heard of them?

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