Con Dishonesty – Councillor Kay West

A Sutton Upon Derwent resident attended a meeting of ERYC’s Planning Committee and requested Councillor Kay West to present his views against a Planning application to the Planning Committee.

She failed to do this and to make matters worse at the end of the Planning meeting, she rushed to the applicant to congratulate him on his success!

Kay West - Low Res

At last Mondays Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council meeting Kay West assured the resident that the committee members were aware of his views as she had presented them beforehand.

I can confirm that the statement by Councillor West is dishonest. She may have made the Conservative committee members aware of his views by presenting them beforehand but she did not make the non Conservative members aware.

As I believe Councillor West has brought ERYC into disrupt with her dishonesty I have registered a formal complaint against her.

I believe Councillor West must apologise to the resident and indeed the full Parish Council for her dishonesty.

As the conduct of Councillor West may have biased the planning application how will this be corrected?

Should Councillor West be allowed to sit on the Planning Committee?

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