Election Countdown 1 – Pocklington Town Council

In the Pocklington Provincial Ward there are seven Parish/Town Councils. There is nothing I could suggest to the six Parish Councils to improve what they do as they are a credit to themselves.

Pockington Town Council (PTC) is a disgrace. Some aspects I have already exposed in the Incomprehensible PTC series.

I will now reveal further information about some of those who make up the PTC. I encourage any of those listed below to attempt to sue me in a court of law.

Gordon Scaife – Clerk


I had high hopes for Gordon. Sadly I was wrong. He has:

  1. Banned well-respected local resident Ken Durkin from the PTC Facebook.
  2. Failed to put the saving of the night bus service on the Agenda for two months as requested. This failure could result in the loss of service for Pocklington, Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss.
  3. Failed to announce the election for nearly a week on the PTC Facebook page.
  4. Constantly failed to answer emails from me.
  5. Failed to deal with correspondence from others including media.

David Sykes – Mayor


David lied to myself and Cath by stating, in an invite to last weeks Town meeting, in relation to each candidate speaking about the upcoming election:

“To be fair to all candidates if anyone cannot make the meeting we will not be able to do this”.

Myself and Cath were unable to attend. The husting went ahead.

Dee Sharpe – Town and Ward Councillor

SHARPE_after_CT (2)

We all know how Dee failed to pay her Council Tax for four consecutive years.

Many residents will not know of the appalling service her failed care company provided to vulnerable local elderly residents.

In addition, Dee has made false accusations against numerous men. These include elected officials and a work colleague.

Martin Cooper – Town Councillor


Most folk will be fully aware of Martin’s fixated hate campaign against me.

Some residents will recall how he bullied former Mayor Graham Perry. This bullying resulted in Graham’s wife going to bed in tears and Martin eventually leaving the Council.


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