Election Countdown 2 – Hate Campaign

Those who frequent local Facebook sites will be aware of the hate campaign against me by a small group of individuals. The main five appear to be Mr Cooper, Ms Finley, Ms Davies, Ms Pettifer and Ms Wright.

pock-post-potholes-thank-you-letter-271016-2Letter in this weeks Pock Post – Pock Town Council Failed

Since April 7 I have completed 63 Projects in the Pocklington Provincial area. At least 40 of these are for Pocklington including the London Street crossing.

I invite each of these five individuals to inform Pocklington residents of the eight projects they have completed for Pocklington since April.

I may be wrong, but I believe these five naysayers have done a lot less collectively for Pock since April than I have with Cath Gledhills assistance.

Surely the naysayers are not all talk?

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